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Tour checklist

Touring is becoming more popular from year to year, skis - and snowboarders want to get away from the crowds of the ski areas and into the lonely nature . But away from the pistes you have to think of a lot more than you would on an ordinary day in the ski area.

This is why the following packing list should help you to think of all the things you will need on your next tour , regardless of whether you are first-timers or as a long-established ski tourer.

But especially for newbies, "Safety first" applies! On your ski or snowboard tour you usually move away from the secured slopes in alpine terrain . Before you dare to take this step, you should definitely take an avalanche course . There, an experienced mountain guide will introduce you to the dangers of the Alps, show you how to use the LVS , probe and shovel and you will find many more tips & tricks on the subject of touring.

As a second iron touring rule, you should never be alone in the field! If, despite all safety precautions , something should happen, there is always at least one person who can help or get help . (This person should also have taken an avalanche course and be familiar with the common safety precautions)

Once these two points are checked, you can start with the checklist . What you should take with you to put it on before the tour and what you should take with you on the mountain in your Dakine backpack, we have put together for you in a clear list:


1st Layer

Ski / snowboard jacket

  • Ideally with a Gore-Tex Layer , does not make you sweat too much on the ascent, is very thin but super warm .

Insulation jacket / vest

  • For the cold days, a insulating jacket is essential, especially for a snack on the summit.

Ski / snowboard pants

  • A Gore-Tex Layer is also the best choice here, it doesn't make you sweat too much on the ascent, is very thin but super warm.

Ski / snowboard gloves

  • You should always take two pairs with you; slightly thinner finger gloves for the ascent and warmer gloves or mittens for the descent.

2nd Layer

Fleece jacket / vest

  • Breathable and at the same time super warm.

Ski underwear / functional underwear

  • Long underwear is not only mandatory for touring.

Ski socks

  • Nothing is worse than cold feet on a long tour. Pay attention to a good fit . You often get cold feet because the socks are too tight or too thick for the snug-fitting shoe.

Beanie or headband and Balaclava

  • Here we also recommend a hat that is not too thick , as you will sweat a lot on a strenuous tour. You lose your head and a wet hat is a cold hat.


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A special touring backpack is worth gold. The special Ski- & Snowboard backpacks by Dakine offer different features and compartments for every type of tour, so you should ask yourself beforehand what Tour you want to go and what demands you place on your touring backpack.

Beginners' routes along the ski slope

As a touring beginner you should still stick to the secured slopes , not only for safety, but also the prepared slope makes the ascent easier. Therefore you need less equipment on these trails, avalanche equipment can usually be dispensed with there. Also, it will not happen that you have to pack your skis or snowboard on your back because of rocks or a too steep place, so there are appropriate straps on the backpack not absolutely necessary. In addition, these tours are usually completed in one to three hours, so a small , light touring backpack is sufficient.

Demanding tours in the field

Those who already have experience in alpine touring will mostly stay away from the ski areas. There is a corresponding safety equipment Ski Straps indispensable. First and foremost is the avalanche equipment , consisting of the avalanche transceiver (always on your body, never in your backpack), probe and shovel / spade . Dakine offers different backpacks with special compartments to bring this equipment to the most remote peaks.

The greatest security is provided by the Dakine RAS avalanche backpacks, compatible with the Mammut RAS avalanche airbag systems . The separately available avalanche airbag unit can be easily and quickly plugged into your Dakine Ras avalanche backpack and you are well armed in an emergency.

In difficult terrain, it can sometimes happen that you take off your skis or your snowboard and so over rocks , steep or icy slopes have to fight. The Dakine Ski- and snowboard backpacks all have special straps and loops to comfortably and securely strap your snowboard or skis on your back. Some rucksacks also have special loops and compartments for an ice ax.

Since such tours often last several hours, you should therefore prefer a slightly larger touring backpack , ideally with an integrated hydration system , take.

Special case snowshoes

If you don't have a splitboard or touring skis , snowshoes are a good alternative. But remember that you have to carry your snowboard or your skis up to the summit on your back with them. Therefore you should pay particular attention to the ski / snowboard carrying system and a perfect fit.

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Equipment checklist


Avalanche transceiver


Avalanche probe


Avalanche shovel


Ski tour guide / app (maps available offline)


Touring skis / splitboard / snowshoes




Touring ski box (telescopic or foldable for snowboarders)


Ski / snowboard boots




Ski goggles for the descent


Sunglasses for the ascent


Sun protection


Provisions and water




Wallet (with money, ID)


Map or GPS device


Pocket knife or multitool


First aid kit




Bivouac sack or rescue blanket




A change of clothes (baselayer & socks)




Before you start, you should always have a look at the current weather report , because this means that the clothing choice varies greatly, depending on whether you are on a day with a lot of fresh snow , on a ice cold winter day or on a spring day warmed by the sun.


Good planning and preparation is a must when touring in order to minimize the dangers as much as possible. With this list you are well prepared for your next tour in the mountains and can enjoy wonderful views and the best powder snowenjoy.

Have fun and stay safe on your next tour wishes your Dakine-Shop Team!