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Functional and at the same time stylish sunglasses belong in every basic equipment. They are an indispensable fashion accessory for both women and men. 

When buying, it is important -besides the optics- to choose high-quality sunglasses that protect your eye area fromdangerous UV rays in summer and winter on particularly sunny days. 

 Whether you are trainingon the beach, in the mountains or on the water, with sunglasses from the DAKINE SHOP you are always up to date and optimally equipped. In the category "Sunglasses" you will find the perfect companion, which is not only fashionable but also functionally up to date. We offer the right sunglasses for every hobby, every sport and every excursion in different sizes, designs and colors. 


Unfiltered sunlight is a big strain on your eyes and can lead to skin and eye damage if you don't have enough protection. Reflections from snow or water surfaces even increase the strain many times over, even if you don't perceive it directly. Even on a cloudy day or in the shade, your eyes have to deal with an intensity of radiation.

Therefore, it is essential that your sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays and have the CE mark. At DAKINE SHOP you can be sure that the lenses of our sunglasses comply with EU directives and protect you 100% from the harmful effects of sunlight. 

For example, all models from our Red Bull Spect series offer the additional protection UV 400! This filters UV rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers, which includes dangerous UV-B and UV-A rays. Thus, you are perfectly equipped with our sunglasses in any weather and in any situation.


Our children's sunglasses from FOSSIL are also the absolute must-have for the little ones this summer! The sporty sunglasses in -for the brand Fossil typical- vintage look offer the perfect combination of style, comfort and protection. Because the tinted lenses in brand quality also protect 100% reliable against UV rays. In addition, the temples of the glasses offer a high wearing comfort and prevent annoying pressure on the temples. With Fossil sunglasses, kids have a permanent view in the summer 


Tinting of the lenses 

In addition to UV protection for your eyes, you also need to consider the tint of the lenses, this is also called the filter category. It describes how light-transmitting the lens of your sunglasses is. The brighter your environment is, the higher the tint of your lenses should be. The intensity of the tint is indicated in categories 0 to 4. Filter category 0 is colorless or very slightly tinted glass, filter category 4 is the highest tint.

Depending on the intended use, the following filter categories are recommended for your sunglasses:

- Category 1: the lightly tinted glass reduces solar radiation in cloudy weather.

- Category 2: suitable for sunny days in central European latitudes

- Category 3: particularly suitable in snow, in the mountains and at the sea

- Category 4: extremely high tinting level for intensive sunlight as on glaciers in high mountains - however, not suitable for driving!

Polarizing lenses

All sunglasses in our Red Bull Eyewear collection are equipped with polarizing lenses. This is an important quality feature that offers a special advantage for sports and leisure activities. They are in demand wherever reflections occur. On water surfaces, in the snow or on asphalt - reflective surfaces strain your eyes and make for poor visibility. To ward off the unpleasantly blinding light, a special polarizing filter blocks the light rays and gives you clear vision. 

However, polarizing lenses not only absorb reflections, they also enhance contrasts and improve color perception. Our sunglass lenses therefore not only provide a clear view, but also better concentration and less distraction. Additional protection from sideways sunlight is provided by a back-surface anti-reflective coating on the lens.

Polarizing lenses are especially recommended for the following sports:

  • - Sailing
  • - Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
  • - Skiing
  • - snowboarding
  • - road biking
  • - Mountain Biking
  • - BMX
  • - motor sports
  • - skateboarding
  • - Running
  • - tennis
  • - Golf
  • - beach volleyball
  • - Hiking
  • - Mountain sports


Contrast enhancing lenses

Another quality feature of our sunglasses are contrast-enhancing lenses. They improve the perception of contrasts by specifically reducing light rays of a certain wavelength. The lenses significantly improve contrasts, minimizing glare while preserving natural colors. Contrast-enhancing lenses prevent tired eyes and provide even better performance in outdoor sports.

Mirrored lenses

This stylish enhancement of eyeglass lenses has primarily an aesthetic effect - because mirrored lenses look absolutely cool. An additional layer on the outside of the lens provides the mirrored look. Clear advantage of these lenses - no one can see what's behind them. If you're looking for mirrored Red Bull sunglasses, our Shout collection offers a wide range of shapes and colors.